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"REMARKETING OFF LEASE VEHICLES" has become the new buzz word....The Factories (i.e. BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Ford, Toyota, VW/Audi, GM, SAAB, etc) decided to conduct their own sales and felt the proper venue for reselling lease return vehicles would be best served by offering them directly to dealers. Hence the term, "Remarketing"... Our Goal is to select for our customers the finest quality vehicle available at the most competitive price. So please remember, as you shop, we are "Keyboard Close".....drive carefully and buy wisely..........www.Lease Liquidations.Com

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When purchasing a used vehicle you can expect a certain amount of wear, use & flaws as is standard on any used car. In most cases, used cars may have dings, nicks, chips, scratches and any other marks that are associated with use consistent with age and or mileage of the vehicle.

Obviously a car that is 10 years old will show more wear and have more flaws than one that is 2 years old. Since these are used vehicles please remember that books, extra keys, remote entry keys, CD cartridges, etc, do not always remain with the vehicle throughout their life...In some cases records and books of off-lease vehicles are missing due to the customer retaining those records at their business location.

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